Outrage and hurt are coursing through your veins. It is another day, another disappointing piece of news showing how Black lives are seen as lesser in the world. You grab your paint, come up with a slogan for a protest sign, and paint the back of a t-shirt with the name of the latest victim of a racist, unfair world. Off to the protest you go—another standard day. What about those days when you want to grab a t-shirt out of your closet but still support Black Lives Matter through your clothing choices?

Meet: Visibly Black

Visibly Black is a Black-owned business based out of Detroit, Michigan. It is a lifestyle brand created to represent the unique, beautiful culture of the Black community. Don't settle for a mass-produced t-shirt off of eBay when you could have an authorized BLM retailer. We stock the latest trends and pride ourselves on high-quality materials, with 90% of all materials coming from US suppliers. That's what we call intersectionalism.


A wide variety of products available to suit stylish boys, girls, and theys. Let's take a closer look at how you could kit yourself out in social justice extraordinaire—time for your clothes to scream social justice warrior and not just plain old worrier. (Even if you are worried, there's no shame in fear and worry.)

Some favorites below.

Black Lives Matter Shirts

Say Their Names with this simple, black tee with Black Lives Matter slogan in bold design, made up of those people lost to white supremacy. Available in a wide variety of colors, in men's and women's cuts.

Black Lives Matter Hoodies and Sweatshirts

This sweatshirt will keep you warm during those Detroit winters (can you feel your fingers right now?) and tell the world:

  • Science is real.
  • Black lives matter.
  • No human is illegal.
  • Love is love.
  • Women's rights are human rights.
  • Kindness is everything.

Just in case some people in the line at Target needed reminding. Oh, and if they want to know where to buy Black Lives Matter hoodies, send them our way, will you?

Black Lives Matter Hats and Knit Caps

Need a hat to show your hope to feel proud to be an American Black citizen? This one is available in Black, Grey, and Navy to keep your ears warm and the fire burning.

Black Lives Matter Jewelry

Sometimes you need to be a little more subtle, and a Black Lives Matter bracelet adds flair and culture to every outfit. Proceeds of this go to support the Black Lives Matter fund.

Why Wear Black Lives Matter Clothing?

We all saw some of the radical pro-Trump rioters' clothing choices who stormed (well, strolled) the Capitol last week felt comfortable wearing in public. It's time to step up our game and wear our alliance with this civil rights movement loud and proud. Black or not, when you rock a Visibly Back product, you are visibly interrupting the racist narrative these people are all too comfortable with!

Thanks again for stopping by! One Love!